Kelly Preston’s (John Travolta’s wife) latest film is an inspiring story


Kelly Preston’s latest film, John Travolta’s wife, is an inspiring story

“Off The Rails” tells of a group of women around 50 who travel across Europe to honor a friend.

The relationship between John Travolta and Kelly Preston has been one of the most enduring in Hollywood. The actors met while recording “The Experts” in 1989 and married two years later, in 1991. Their marriage lasted until 2020, the year the actress died of breast cancer. Kelly Preston’s new and final film has already opened in UK theaters – and tears are guaranteed.

“Off The Rails” tells the story of three friends in their 50s who set off on a unique train journey across Europe to honor another member of the group who recently passed away. At their funeral, they discover that their friend has left four pieces of paper. With this in mind, they take their teenage daughter on the journey and change the entire chemistry of the group of friends.

This route has it all: alien parties, shocking revelations and a unique dose of comedic moments mixed with moments of pure tenderness and emotion. The film will definitely take us through a whirlwind of emotion, with tears and laughter.

The final role in Kelly Preston’s career was that of Cassie, an American who reunites with her British friends to embark on this epic adventure together. The rest of the cast consists of Sally Phillips (“Veep”) as Liz, Jennifer Seagrove (“Judge John Deed”) as Kate, Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips (“The Crimes of Fortitude”) as Maddie. Judi Dench plays the late Diana.

On the male side of the cast, we have Ben Miller (“Bidgerton”) as Ben and Franco Nero (“Django”) as Giovanni. One thing is certain: Both roles will change the group’s dynamics and provoke bizarre moments.

The project was carried out by Jules Williamson and written by Jordan Waller. Recordings began a few months after Kelly discovered she had breast cancer. His health was hidden from the rest of the cast.

“She was so beautiful and so energetic that it was impossible to tell. She was so professional, ”revealed Sally Phillips during an interview on a UK talk show.

With the film premiering in cinemas in the UK and Ireland, John Travolta took the opportunity to post a post on his Instagram where he talked a little about what this film means to his late wife.

“’Off The Rails’ is Kelly’s latest film. She was very proud of him and of all the talent with which he was able to work on the project, ”the publication says.

John Travolta’s life was not an easy one as several deaths affected his career. You can read this NiT article to learn more about the tragic side of the actor’s life.