Keira Knightley refuses to record intimate scenes staged by men

Keira Knightley refuses to record intimate scenes staged by men

The British actress admits an exception, but only if there is another woman behind the camera.

Keira Knightley’s word.

When asked, she already has the answer: “You can look for someone else, I am too vain and this body already has two children, so I prefer not to be naked in front of a group of men.”

At 35 and already with a respectful curriculum that included some intimate scenes on the big screen, British actress Keira Knightley believes that she is no longer available for intimate scenes – when it comes to men to film. If it is a director who asks, the case will be analyzed.

On the Chanel Connects podcast, where he chatted with director Lulu Wang and screenwriter Diane Solway, Knightley made his point. “Now I feel very uncomfortable portraying the male vision,” he said. With a bit of irony, he added, “Yeah, I understand how good sex would be in this movie, and that all you really need is someone who looks sexy.”

The actress also stated that she hadn’t “banned” the idea at all. But, in a way, it has already done so when it comes to making people real. “If I were to make a story about motherhood, about accepting the body, I would be sorry, but I feel like it can only be realized with a woman.”

For Keira Knightley there is something here that comes from the past. “We feel a lot of empathy for men because their experiences have been explored culturally. We know so many aspects of male sexuality. However, we don’t feel like they can say the same thing because from our point of view, they saw a movie, a play or a series. “

The actress “Pirates of the Caribbean”, who has already been nominated twice for the Oscars, is the mother of two girls (Edie, five, and Delilah, one) with the musician James Righton from the Klaxons. Her next film is “Silent Night” by director Camille Griffin, whose shooting has ended but has not yet been released.

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