Keanu Reeves is a huge science fiction fan and he’s just proven it again


As he resumed his role of Neo in Matrix Resurrections, which is currently in theaters, Keanu Reeves let the confidence go into the works that rocked his youth. This is how he made the list of his favorite works on Reddit, where we notice glittering names. What gives an idea of ​​the character that he forged and that he embodies in the 7th art.

Keanu the good

Keanu Reeves is currently with his role as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections, which has been around since 22nd If the film is far from winning the unanimous vote of the press (some find it confused, awkward, and unnecessary), it is the return of Master Keanu well, especially for his large fan base who are always vigilant for his projects, charities, or even his feel-good punchlines.

For example, he recently announced that he paid no less than 70% of his salary during Matrix 1 to help fund cancer research. We also learned that he is currently negotiating a lead role in The Devil In The White City, from Erik Larson’s book of the same name, for which Leonardo DiCaprio has bought the film rights, and plans to direct a film to be directed by Martin Scorsese . Here’s who would tick many boxes on Keanu Reeves’ schedule, which is already partially filled by the upcoming John Wick 4 slated for 2023.

A fan of the Lord of the Rings

The actor is hugely popular on the networks and has hit the bull’s eye on Reddit since he posted his favorite literary list. And one thing in particular attracts attention: The Lord of the Rings, a literary trilogy by JRR Tolkien that was adapted for the film by Peter Jackson in 2001.

Tolkien’s trilogy brings together a large global community. There is no doubt that fans of Reeves and heroic fantasy novels should be hyped for such an announcement. Here’s what the person reported on Reddit.

Where to start Here are a few. In my childhood we could start with the Count of Monte Christo and the Lord of the Rings, ”he confided.

Works that would explain the character he forged today

Keanu Reeves seems to have been lulled by adventure stories of a fantastic nature if we know the power of the work of Alexandre Dumas. Novels in which the heroes are forged over time, which suggests not without his character from Neo in The Matrix.

The 57-year-old actor was a lover of literature in his youth, he also cited books such as The Idiot, The Basement Notebooks, The Karamazov Brothers by Fedor Dostoyevsky, but also Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell) on the subject of a large-screen adaptation of the Wachowskis, the The Matrix created.

He also quotes Cosmopolis as well as the essays and short stories by Philip K. Dick, one of the forerunners of science fiction, in particular the film Blade Runner with his short story Do Androids Dream of Electric Shef? No doubt Keanu Reeves was cut to play Neo the Savior.