Keanu Reeves could be the star of Martin Scorsese’s new series


Keanu Reeves could be the star of Martin Scorsese’s new series

“The Devil In The White City” was on the agenda for DiCaprio, who withdrew. Now the actor from “The Matrix” can get the role.

Keanu Reeves is on the move. After a rebirth of the character John Wick and now in the sequel to “The Matrix” he may be preparing for a bombastic new role. According to “Deadline”, the 57-year-old actor is in negotiations to take on the leading role in Martin Scorsese’s new production.

The miniseries “The Devil in the White City,” which will have the legendary director as executive producer, is a Hulu TV adaptation of the 2003 book, signed by Erik Larson. The story revolves around two men, Daniel H. Burnham, a famous architect, and Henry H. Holmes, a doctor and pharmacist who turns out to be a serial killer.

The two characters meet at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and begin a crazy journey between murder, romance and mystery. However, it is not known which of the two roles will be reserved for Reeves.

The project, already in preparation, also had a place for Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Holmes; However, the actor withdrew in his intentions, although he remained attached to the production as a producer.

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