Karliczek wants to expand Bafög – criticism from GEW and Greens | free press


The Minister of Education demands that people who go on to study later can also receive student grants. Necessary further development or “implausible election campaign maneuver”?

Berlin (dpa) – Education Minister Anja Karliczek wants to expand the student loan system. “We need further development of the student loan in the new election period,” says the CDU politician of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Monday).

Karliczek cited the reduction of the Bafög age limit for students as examples of her reform ideas. “We also want to do more for people who want to study later, even if they are older than 35, for example.” In their view, funding should no longer automatically expire with the standard study period. The Bafög should map the new educational biographies better than before, which are no longer as uniform as they used to be.

The Education and Science Union (GEW) welcomed the statements, but criticized: “Unfortunately, the change of course comes too late and only in small steps.” The coalition blocked a backlog of student loan reform for the entire electoral period. Even when the Corona crisis made it abundantly clear that funding was only reaching a fraction of students, the Department of Education responded with “half-hearted” bridging aid and interest-bearing bank loans, deputy GEW chairman Andreas Keller criticized.

Green science expert Kai Gehring called the minister’s announcement “a transparent and unfortunately unbelievable electoral maneuver”. During her tenure, the minister “regularly killed the students,” Gehring lamented. It is high time for a fresh start in student loans with basic security for students and interns.