Kanye West’s former bodyguard prepares an explosive documentary about the musician

Kanye West’s former bodyguard prepares an explosive documentary about the musician

Steve Stanulis has already been sued twice by the former boss and is negotiating with several streaming platforms.

Steve Stanulis, a former Kanye West bodyguard who worked with the musician in 2016, is trying to make a documentary about the former boss. Stanulis, a former cop and dancer, told Page Six that he was negotiating the project with multiple streaming platforms.

His idea is to start recording next April. “That will be in my own words, I’ve worked with him at two different times. Every day was a new adventure. There are a lot of stories that I haven’t told yet. “

Steve Stanulis worked with Kanye West during a busy time for the rapper and producer. The Met Gala, New York Fashion Week or the performance of “Saturday Night Live” were some of the events at which the former bodyguard accompanied the musician.

Stanulis says that West liked him at the time, but that the relationship deteriorated completely after the former bodyguard gave an interview in which he shared some stories and stated that he was one of the people he was with throughout his entire life Career had least enjoyed working together. Steve Stanulis was sued in 2016 by Kanye West’s attorneys for alleging breach of the nondisclosure agreement.

He returned last year to do an interview, this time on the Hollywood Raw podcast. There he accused the musician of being the “most needy” person in the “worst mood” and gave fewer tips to those who had already worked. And he said the former boss had “ridiculous rules”.

If a multi-million dollar lawsuit could incentivize Steve Stanulis to abandon his experience, it appears to have the opposite effect. In fact, the former bodyguard wants to start the documentary with the exact same lawsuit launched by Kanye West’s attorneys.

“It starts with the $ 30 million process and then goes back with all the weirdness. Why don’t you approach the elephant in the room? “Asked Steve Stanulis from” Page Six “. “You threatened to sue me twice. And my lawyer replied and it just ended. “

At the same time, Steve Stanulis hopes the documentary will be the last thing he has to do on the subject because he’s tired of being questioned all the time. “No one ever has to ask me about it again. I won’t leave anything unsaid, I’ll say anything. “

West and Steve Stanulis.

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