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Judgment awaited in process of enslavement of Yazidis | free press

Hamburg (dpa) – A verdict is expected today in the Hamburg trial for the slavery of two Yazidis. The suspect is 37-year-old Omaima A., widow of IS terrorist and rapper Denis Cuspert (“Deso Dogg”).

A member of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization, she is accused of being part of a crime against humanity in the form of slavery under the International Criminal Code (Ref.: 4 St 1/21).

The Hamburg prosecutor’s office demanded a two-year prison sentence for the suspect. Taking into account an already final sentence of three and a half years, a total prison sentence of four years should follow, a court spokeswoman said. The defense attorney agreed to the attorney general’s request.

After agreeing on the size of the sentence, the defendant admitted at the beginning of the trial before the Senate of State Security at the Higher Regional Court of the Hanseatic League that she had her apartment in the Syrian city of Raqqa cleaned in early 2016. by the slaves of a friend. . “I showed the two slaves the apartment and told them which room to clean,” the statement said. It was clear to her that the two Yazidis were staying in the apartment against their will.

The Hamburg-born German-Tunisian distanced herself from IS and regretted her “misconduct”. She apologized to the two Yazidis, one of whom was admitted as a co-prosecutor.

Omaima A. was already sentenced to three and a half years in prison on October 2, 2020 for membership of a terrorist organization abroad. The verdict became final in March and the defendant is currently serving her sentence. At the beginning of the second day of the trial, those involved agreed on a series of sentences.

The now 37-year-old followed her husband to Syria in early 2015 with three small children. After her husband passed away in the spring of 2015, she married his friend Cuspert. The Berlin gangster rapper joined IS in 2014 and was on the US terrorist list. According to media reports, he was killed in an airstrike in Syria in 2018. In early September 2016, shortly before the birth of her fourth child, Omaima A. flew back to Germany via Turkey.

When presiding judge Ulrike Taeubner asked why she traveled to IS territory with her children as a young mother, there was only one vague answer: maybe it was Islamic, the veil, she said. “I do not know.” She received “very little” from the rule of the Islamic State.


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