Joss Whedon is accused of having changed the color of an actor, Warner interferes

A new episode just played out in the war between Ray Fisher, the actor who plays cyborg in the Justice League, and director Joss Whedon. In a recent interview, Fisher accused Whedon of changing the color of an actor’s skin in the film. Warner immediately responded by defending the director.

In fact, Ray Fisher attacked Joss Whedon earlier this summer by denouncing his conduct towards the Justice League cast and team. Fisher explained that Whedon had been rude and unprofessional to everyone and also regretted that Studio Warner did nothing to stop him.

Warner is accused of racism and denies and defends Whedon

A new attack was launched today in an interview with Forbes. The one who plays cyborg denounces the racism that one of the movie’s actors would have suffered from after the filmmaker decided to change his skin color:

I learned that Joss ordered an actor’s complexion to be changed in post-production because he didn’t like the color and tone of his skin.

A statement that implies that Joss Whedon would be racist … After denouncing his hideous behavior during filming, it is too much for the main interested parties and the studio. Warner responded by denying these allegations. For the studio, the person who gave this information to Fisher “admitted they heard from someone else” and stated that “a simple investigation would have shown they were wrong.” “.

Warner also recalls that almost all films have a lot of professionals working on blending the end product. Additionally, the final mix for Justice League was particularly difficult as Zack Snyder shot on film and Joss Whedon chose digital. A lot of work was required for the colorist, who has worked on previous Snyder films, to harmonize the rendering.

Let’s hope for Ray Fischer that he can continue to count on the support of Jason Momoa, who has shown his solidarity with the actor. As a reminder, the Justice League Snyder Cut is expected on HBO Max next year.

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