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Jorge was only mentioned in the last program of “O Amor Happen”

Jorge was only mentioned in the last program of “O Amor Happen”

Comedian and columnist Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of the TVI reality show, which had traces of a Mexican soap opera.

Jorge and Tatiana are the “guy couple”.

The episode of “O Amor Happen” that Sunday, which aired on TVI, had traces of a Mexican soap opera. João was in the house with Delfina but accused her of bringing Jorge with her, who in turn was in another house with Tatiana, with whom he got involved.

Delfina is Jorge’s best friend, but during the experience she couldn’t hide her strong connection and João concluded that she would actually be in love with her friend, albeit without a partner.

Delfina rejected this theory, but the pictures with the summary of the events in the four days of the experiment seem to strengthen João’s argument: Whenever João and Delfina talked, the name of their best friend appeared every two sentences: “Me and o Jorge , Jorge this, Jorge that, Jorge and I … “

Pedro Teixeira asks João: “Did you feel rejected?” He replies: “No, but I was tired of hearing the name Jorge.” Me too, João, and I only watched the program for ten minutes. I think we all know the password on Delfina’s computer by now. Even Jorge himself seemed tired of hearing his name.

When the moderators asked him whether Delfina dragged him into the show, he replied confidently: “Delfina was the one who was dragged by me!” Of course, it is clear that Jorge could no longer withstand the pressure and wanted to find a friend for him as soon as possible.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen, so Delfina is still available for those who want to give love a chance and who like to listen to “Jorge, Jorge, Jorge, Jorge, Jorge, Jorge, Jorge” for the rest of their lives.

Jorge and Tatiana, for their part, are called the type couple because they say the word “type” 30 times in each sentence. Jorge admits that in Tatiana he has found “a fantastic woman” with whom he “could have a relationship”. It’s about saying that Jorge and Tatiana found someone who was their type.

It was the same with Davide – yes, with “and” at the end – and Catia. The couple felt a great chemistry and let themselves be carried away by the romantic atmosphere. Although the commercial comes from Castelo Branco, he is already feeling the pressure to move to the land of Cátia.

The participant’s cousins, who also live in Moita, visited the couple and tried to convince Davide about their country with adjectives. “What does Moita offer? The bush offers Cátia and … a lot. ”Well, I did consider going on vacation in Menorca, but with this description, which is so extensive and appealing, I think that I really rent a house in Moita and mine Instagram has to fill with selfies with the Forcados do Aposento.

Ana and Miguel weren’t so lucky in their experience together. Miguel convinced the participant to meditate, but she had difficulty concentrating.

“I can’t abstract myself, that’s why I asked him to close his eyes,” says the participant. At the end of the meditation, Miguel explains that he could hear voices in his left ear, as if Ana were saying, “You have a lot of noise in you,” says the real estate agent.

It must be really annoying to hear other people’s noises while meditating. If I ever get distracted, if I hear the sound of my own thoughts, what if I hear other people’s voices. The meditation ended more stressed than it started, especially when the voices said things like “the cheeks”. Still, it was always better than hearing Delfina’s voice say “Jorge, Jorge, Jorge, Jorge”.

By the way, click the gallery to meet the four new couples on the show.


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