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Joni Mitchell joins Neil Young in leaving Spotify

Joni Mitchell joins Neil Young in leaving Spotify

The 78-year-old artist followed Young’s example and protested against the platform’s dissemination of misinformation about vaccines.

It’s another heavyweight against Spotify

Neil Young went first. Now it’s Joni Mitchell’s turn to remove her songs from the biggest streaming platform as well.

“Irresponsible people spread lies that cost lives,” the Canadian artist wrote in a statement released this Friday, January 28. “I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the scientific and medical community on this matter.”

Mitchell’s endorsement follows Young’s decision to leave Spotify, all because of the platform’s decision to keep the podcast of Joe Rogan, a figure who has publicly spoken out against vaccines, on the air. According to Young, “It has the potential to cause death for those who believe the misinformation that continues to spread.”

“They can have Rogan or they can have Young. You can’t have both,” concluded the music legend, who is targeting the podcast, which is currently one of the most listened to in the UK and US.

Rogan, meanwhile, has also been the target of much criticism from a variety of backgrounds. They accuse the American of “advising against vaccinations in adolescents and children”, “falsely claiming that mRNA vaccines are ‘gene therapy'”, promoting ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19 and welcoming guests who “the Guidelines from the Pandemic to the Holocaust”. “It’s a sociological problem of devastating proportions, and Spotify has a responsibility to allow this activity to proliferate on its platform.”


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