Jonah Hill and Joaquin Phoenix are working on a promising project

For the second time in his career, Jonah Hill takes possession of the director’s chair. After the 90s, his first feature film, The Most Vulgar Actor on Screen, is preparing a documentary for Netflix to be produced by Joaquin Phoenix.

A tribute and a liberating documentary

Jonah Hill wants to go behind the camera a second time. In 2018, the actor-director of the 90s immersed himself in the Los Angeles of the 90s and the world of skateboarding. In particular, he told a sublime chronicle of learning and filmed with incredible accuracy the moment of transition from childhood to adolescence. A film far removed from the eccentric roles on the screen that are usually attributed to the actor. Jonah Hill seems to be following this path, with a second success in preparation for the Netflix platform, he said on his Instagram. Produced by Joaquin Phoenix, it will be a documentary on psychiatry with a particular focus on therapies and Doctor Phil Stutz. Known for his career as a psychiatrist in Rikers Island Prison in New York before going private in the 1980s, this doctor has proven himself to be a therapist to Jonah Hill in the past. With this link, the latter would like to be based on Phil Stutz and the tools he left behind through the book The Method Tools, which he wrote together with psychotherapist Barry Michels.

We started my second Netflix movie yesterday. It’s a documentary about my brilliant therapist Dr. Phil Stutz and therapies in general. The idea is to make a film that illustrates Phil’s sessions and tools for dealing with life in a way that is not out of date. As I grew up, everything I could see about therapy made me roll my eyes.

Jonah Hill therefore wants to break the ice during therapy and no longer make it a taboo subject.

Big thanks to Netflix, our team, Joaquin Phoenix and the rest of our producers and especially Phil for giving us the opportunity to make this great film that democratizes therapy for personal use on Netflix.

Joaquin Phoenix and Jonah Hill are not their first collaboration, as the two actors shared the screen in Don’t Worry, He Will Not Walk Far From Gus Van Sant. The film already covered the subject of therapy through the story of John Callahan, a quadriplegic who sought refuge in drawing to overcome his disability and who later became a famous cartoonist.

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