“Joker” is back to RTP1 nights

“Joker” is back to RTP1 nights

Vasco Palmeirim’s programming returns at prime time this Monday, August 30th.

Vasco Palmeirim is the moderator.

“Joker”, the broadcast by Vasco Palmeirim on RTP1, is back this Monday, August 30th. The first return will be broadcast at 10:30 pm, after the soap opera “Pôr do Sol” and the program “Primeira Pessoa”.

“We will continue to observe and test the knowledge of the elderly, but we will also challenge the little ones with new programs in ‘Joker Kids’. ‘Joker’ has the special power to bring the whole family together in front of the television and brings us new competitors from Monday to Friday with the aim of achieving the maximum profit ”, expects the public broadcaster.

The competition is currently valued at a maximum price of € 75,000. “Joker” debuted in August 2018 and has had multiple seasons and versions since then. It was always presented by Vasco Palmeirim.

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