Johnson wants to spread optimism for elections | Free press


London (AP) – Shortly before a super Election Day in Britain, ailing Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought to sow optimism in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In an article for The Mail on Sunday, he wrote: “Week after week, we see the introduction of the vaccine helping to restore our freedoms – and with these freedoms, I have absolutely no doubt that our economy will recover strongly.” On Thursday there will be parliamentary elections in Scotland and Wales and local elections in England. According to surveys, the Conservatives’ lead over the Labor Party has diminished, the PA news agency said.

Last week, Johnson had to deny reports that he said last year that he would rather accept “the corpses pile up in the thousands” than reintroduce a lockdown. He was also charged with halting internal investigations in the interests of his fiancé and using shady channels to fund the luxurious renovation work on his official apartment. According to Downing Street, all of these accusations are lies.

In Britain, the corona situation has now deteriorated significantly thanks to a long, consistent lockdown and the advanced vaccination campaign. More than half of the population has already been vaccinated, a quarter even completely. In England and Wales pubs and restaurants can once again receive guests outside, and in Scotland even indoors.

Johnson continued in the post that the country is progressing cautiously but irreversibly. “We will use our Brexit freedoms to accelerate this recovery, with the flexibility that has already enabled us to implement the rapid introduction of vaccines (…).” Johnson also praised his government’s fight against crime, especially drug gangs.

Pet theft became another topic in the pandemic: “At the moment, this crime is far too often dismissed as relatively trivial – comparable to shoplifting, for example. I disagree with that, ”wrote Johnson. As a result, an animal theft task force has been set up to ensure that the criminal justice system properly deals with anyone malicious enough to steal a dog.