Johnson wants to fight crime via GPS tracker | free press


Anyone who has spent at least 12 months behind bars in the UK will have to be tracked for another year after release using a GPS tracker. For critics, these are gimmicks.

London (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to fight crime better with stricter rules.

Burglars and thieves who spent at least a year in prison would be tracked for another year after their release using a GPS tracker. On parole offenders must do unpaid work, such as collecting garbage. In addition, the police should be given more powers to stop and check people on the street. The opposition criticizes the project.

“The public wants justice to be done and criminals to pay the price for their crimes,” Home Secretary Priti Patel wrote in the Daily Mail. “She wants thugs to give back to society what they got in her with their thoughtless actions.” The plans also provide named police officers as contacts — as well as “soberness sensors” that detect alcohol in the sweat for people who have committed alcohol crimes.

Critics denounced the project as gimmicks that didn’t make the streets safer. The Conservative government has cut more than 20,000 police jobs since 2010. From the point of view of police representatives, the proposals come at an inopportune time: just a few days ago, the government announced a freeze on civil servants’ salaries.