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Europe will receive the fourth corona vaccine. The EMA paved the way for the preparation of the American manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. It has a decisive advantage: just one dose is enough.

Amsterdam (dpa) – The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended conditional approval for the corona vaccine of the American manufacturer Johnson & Johnson in the EU. The EMA gave the green light in Amsterdam on Thursday for the fourth vaccine against Covid-19 in the EU.

The European Commission has now approved the vaccine on Sunday, President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Twitter. “More safe and effective vaccines are coming onto the market,” von der Leyen wrote. In doing so, the Commission followed the EMA’s recommendation.

The European Commission has ordered vaccination doses for 200 million people from the American manufacturer. Germany would receive 36.7 million of this. There are fears that the company will not be able to deliver on time, partly because the vaccine is bottled in the US and there is a de facto export ban for corona vaccines. However, the manufacturer has promised to deliver from April. According to its own information, the European Commission is in talks with the US authorities to secure the supplies.

So far, vaccines from the manufacturers Pfizer / Biontech, Moderna and AstraZeneca have been approved in the EU.

About two weeks ago, the preparation, which was developed by Johnson subsidiary Janssen in the Netherlands, was already approved in the US. It has major advantages over the previous vaccines: it only needs to be injected once. The vaccine can be stored at refrigerator temperature.

According to the EMA, the effectiveness is around 67 percent. In the case of severe Covid 19 disease, the protection in the studies was more than 85 percent – and that includes the elderly. The vaccine, which was approved in the US about two weeks ago, is also said to be effective against virus variants.

The EMA experts had been evaluating the research and test data in a faster process for weeks. It had been thoroughly checked and to the highest safety standards, the EMA said. In case of conditional approval, the manufacturer is obliged to pass on data to the EMA afterwards, for example about the long-term effect. Information about possible side effects will also be further monitored.

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