Johnny Silverhand (Cyberpunk 2077) minifigure and arm keep you waiting

Cyberpunk 2077 is long overdue, too long to wait even, and we won’t get our hands on it until December 10th, the official date of CD PROJEKT RED. In the meantime, and if you’re a fan of the license, you know that the character representing Johnny Silverhand to be collected is already available, as is that of his arm!

Johnny Silverhand: the hero with the characteristics of Keanu Reeves

It has long been known that actor Keanu Reeves gave the main character of Cyberpunk 2077 his facial features. If you love the atmosphere and the figure, you know the Johnny Silverhand figure is available as well as that of his famous arm!

Here are the dimensions:

24 cm for Johnny Silverhand 27 cm x 18 cm x 10.5 cm (1/4 scale) for the arm that still weighs 1 kg

For the Johnny Silverhand figure 54 euros are pre-ordered, available from November 15th. The arm is exhibited at a price of 59 euros.

3 good reasons to crack

Waiting for the release time For the universe For the quality of the finish

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