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Johnny Depp is considered “too gay” to play Jack Sparrow

We know the news about Johnny Depp spills a lot of ink. Before that, we talked about the actor’s first victory over Amber Heard, a legal victory. Today we are not going to come back to the cases of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, but to what the actor said at the Deauville American Film Festival. As you will see, several spades were thrown

Johnny Depp’s meeting in Deauville

Johnny Depp made a sensational debut in Deauville with his newsboy hat, dark glasses and baggy jeans. For more than an hour, the actor revealed many details about his past roles and his life in Hollywood. The actor began by reconsidering his role on 21 Jump Street, saying:

I learned a lot about the 21 Jump Street series, largely thanks to the speed of rotation, but I quickly got tired of Fox making me a product. I really tried to get away from it by all means … I even put duct tape on my tongue to make it look like I had a problem with my diction, but nothing worked until John Waters got mine right before Tim Burton Chance gave up cry baby. I was only offered action roles with guns and pretty girls on my arms. John understood the discomfort I felt about being a teen magazine icon.

Looking back on his experiences in Edward at the Hands of Money, the actor said:

I had read the script of Edward in the Silver Hands who cried over and over … this character is so pure. My first meeting with Tim Burton took place in a cafĂ©: We hit it off right away (…) But everyone wanted this role, Michael Jackson, Tom Hanks … and Fox thought of Tom Cruise. Tim was very brave to choose me.

The actor eventually came one by one to discuss his role as Jack Sparrow.

Statements that hit the mark

Johnny Depp, who is very comfortable in Deauville, said of his role as Jack Sparrow:

Producer Nina Jacobson called me and asked, “What’s wrong with this character? Is he crazy? Is he drunk? Is he gay?” I was sure I was going to get fired, so I said, ‘Come on, didn’t you notice that all of my characters are gay?’ Eventually they kept me and during the test demonstrations people loved it.

– He is gay ?
– All the characters I play are gay.

Discussion between Johnny Depp and Disney producer Nina Jacobson about Jack Sparrow. # Deauville2021 pic.twitter.com/fBxBPmXYGq

September 5, 2021

According to Johnny Depp, producer Nina Jacobson obviously wasn’t the only one who wanted to get rid of the actor:

When Disney executives saw the first footage of Pirates of the Caribbean, they asked the director: But why is Johnny Depp doing this as Jack Sparrow? We do not understand anything. Is he a gay character? Can we fire him?

Indeed, Johnny Depp’s game was not what Disney managers were used to.

The actor eventually came out to talk about Hollywood in general and threw a final spade that reads:

Hollywood is making more and more films and less and less cinema. I never liked the word “career”, much less the word “fan”. So-called fans are spectators who pay dearly for their tickets. They are my real employers, and it is time the studio bosses understood.

One last sentence that should spark sparks in Hollywood. And if you’d like to read more on a similar topic, please see our previous feature on the question, “Can the Pirates of the Caribbean Saga Survive Without Jack Sparrow?”


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