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John Walker’s five cruelest crimes

The Falcon and Winter Soldier series introduced an important new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: John Walker. John was first introduced as the “new” Captain America and quickly developed into a violent and uncontrollable character. But in the comics, the character is even darker. The evidence in five particularly cruel crimes!

# 1 He worked for the power broker

John Walker was a middle-class boy who wanted to serve his country and become a true patriot like his father and brother before him. Never living up to their reputation, he will be in search of a more heroic life and more exciting opportunities until he becomes interested in the words of a corrupt businessman, Curtiss Jackson, aka Power Broker.

John Walker, Lemar and his friends Lennox and Johnson each took a dose of Super Soldier Serum, with extra strength and increased speed. From that point on, John Walker’s adventure begins not as Captain America, but as a Super Patriot.

# 2 he faked fake terrorist attacks

John Walker was strongly against Steve Rogers’ ideas during his super patriot days. If most of his meetings were already demonstrating his extremist ideology, he did not hesitate to go beyond speeches when they proved ineffective in turning the population against Captain America.

In fact, John Walker hired a group called the Bold Urban Commandos, or “Buckies”, to simulate attacks against him. It got worse when members of the public were killed in one of these false clashes.

# 3 he was manipulated by Red Skull

During a debate in Washington, the super terrorist Warhead threatens to detonate an atomic bomb on Washington. Walker gets rid of it halfway as Warhead decides to kill himself. At the same time, Steve Rogers has to resign. Having never revealed their true identity, the government will propose to John Walker that he adopt the captain’s identity, which he will accept without hesitation.

Aside from the fact that after the subplots we will learn that this was all just a scheme by Red Skull that worsened Captain America’s image and invited John Walker to undergo fascist training from the Master of Corvée (Taskmaster) in order to Prove that the Super Patriot is extremely easy to influence.

# 4 he hit his best friends

When his two old and best friends Lennox and Johnson, known as Left-Winger and Right-Winder, see their old friend grow darker and more fascist, they publicly reveal his true nature and secret identity, which far leads to the death of Walker’s parents – right Watchdog group.

John Walker got into a terrible anger and decided to unite his violence against his old friends. Then he catches her, ties her up and locks her up next to a leaky oil tank before cracking a match. Both are badly burned and in a coma from the explosion.

# 5 The guard dog massacre

As in the series Falcon and Winter Soldier, John Walker is regularly exposed to violent outbursts of anger, which lead him to cold-blooded massacres. In the series, this resulted in the murder of one of the members of the Flag Smashers. In the comics, when the far right guard dogs murdered his parents, John Walker tracked them down and killed them one by one. Of course, if we get it, that choice remains a dubious one for someone who wanted to be Captain America so strongly. This event also comes closest to completing Episode 4 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

And now ?

Much like a poison (which it will merge with), the US agent is more of an antihero than a true villain. Sometimes good at working for the government, sometimes bad at partnering with Hydra and being relentlessly against Captain America when they perform together. The US agent represents the worst of American supremacy and is ultimately a morally gray character.

Following the previous events and the fall of Red Skull, Steve Rogers will return to Captain America and the government will declare John Walker dead. The latter is given a new identity to join the Avengers of the West Coast, where he becomes a US agent. When the Avengers were taken over by the UN, he received only one vote (his own) and had to leave the team by throwing his suit and shield into the Hudson River.

He later joined the Jury, a group of mercenaries used by Edwin Cord against the Hawkeye-led Thunderbolts. He failed. He later joined other groups such as the Invaders and joined the Omega Division in the Civil War arc. In the latest comics where the character appears, he’s crippled, has a prosthetic leg on his left arm, and rides in a wheelchair as the director of the raft, the super criminal prison where Zemo is currently imprisoned at the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


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