Joana Cruz on cancer: “It was the biggest break in my life and it cannot be repeated”

In early 2021, Joana Cruz announced to the world that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After several months of chemotherapy and surgery, the radio host announced in mid-August that she had been cured of the disease.

He wasted no time getting back to work. On Monday the 30th, he returned with Rodrigo Gomes and Daniel Fontoura to the RFM “Wi-Fi” program from Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm. This was the pretext for NiT to speak to the 43-year-old broadcaster about this return to radio after long months battling cancer, a process that has been shared on social networks in recent months.

Have you missed the radio a lot?
Yes, sir, of course. It was this return to the aquarium, because a person always feels like a fish in the water, so I went back to work with friends and colleagues, which is always good when colleagues are friends too.

I can imagine that he has never had such a long break since he started working on the radio.
No, I never had in my whole life. More than 20 years of work and that had never happened before, it was from January to the end of August. It was my biggest break in life and presto, it is not to be repeated [risos].

Obviously Joana was dealing with her health problem, but did she always keep the desire to return to work? Was it something that went with it?
Exactly, that radio bug never came out. The other one who was supposed to go has luckily gone [risos]. But the radio is always good, it’s like riding a bike, you don’t forget and you really need it. To do what we want and to go back to where we are happy is always wonderful, of course.

As I said, did you follow the work of your colleagues and friends from afar?
Yes, yes, we talked practically every day. What have you done? What do you do? How’s it going? How can you not Everything was fine. Daniel Fontoura always came to my house, “look, they left you, I don’t know what,” he acted as a messenger [risos]. We always stayed in contact. Because friendship is even more important than work.

Aside from the obvious, what would you say that this experience changed your life?
I was already a person who valued life and well-being, and the good things that we, small as they may be, should be valued. And now even more. I must have been a little distracted at some point here, but now just to remind myself that we should all live this way and that being happy and healthy is not very difficult. It’s really about taking good care of yourself, being good with ourselves and that helps us a lot to be good, not to attract these situations, who knows, and then get the best out of them as was the case.

Do you want to stay connected with the cause of breast cancer awareness?
Yes absolutely yes. Not only because of the invitations that I had to testify on this topic, but in order to continue this position, of course, to speak in front of an audience, to be able to remember the subject of self-diagnosis and routine examinations again and again, cannot be postponed. It’s always important and when I was already thinking about it, I find it more and more present now, even for people who contact me directly. There are a lot of people raising awareness and I had no idea how many people would contact me and say, “I was in the same situation”, “I’m starting the process”, “I don’t know if I won’t will”. because I am waiting for the test results ”. There are many, many people. It’s a drag.

At this moment, do you still have some health care or habits or have you fully regained your normal life?
Yes, I’ve already recovered, there are practically no restrictions. Now I won’t be back for six months to say hello and the check-up routine. Fortunately, there is nothing left to do at the moment – just enjoy the good stuff.

Which professional dreams do you still have to fulfill in this upswing phase?
Well, carry on with the program at RFM – because it’s a daily challenge and we are not much in favor of leaning on the good we did yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week or a month ago, more and more and better do as the last day. And then maybe one day I could watch TV again. I’ve accumulated both roles for a number of years and I’ve always enjoyed them a lot. So who knows. And also participating in Sporting, right? Maybe do a new project with Sporting that is not yet fully defined, but idealized in a very vague plan. But I want to continue this green relationship, this green love. There is a will on both sides.

Interestingly, her recovery coincides with childbirth. Is there something that you haven’t been able to accomplish in the past few months because of the circumstances that you really want to do?
Travel, of course. We were all a bit handcuffed at home. Of course you could go on some nice trips outside and inside, but taking a plane and hearing a different language is what’s really boiling here now. And eating out is almost every day now [risos]. It must be.

And do you have a goal in mind?
Yes, I’m already cooking a little safari here for 2022. The pot is already on the fire and waiting for it to cook.

So for now, your focus is on getting back to work.
Exactly, and to keep reminding people that when we approach things with optimism, and sometimes even in bad situations, we try to see the positives and the good things that are still many, along with the what we might do … it turns out to be a great way to find the exit sign easily.

Have you felt the affection of the people very much during these months?
Yes, from the very first lesson. That was always notorious and absolutely massive, incredible and unexpected. But I was very happy to feel that people were on my side and gave me the greatest strength, whether in prayer or in good thoughts, that was really amazing. Even if we don’t see it, it’s all about energy here. When things are going in the same direction and there are many, it’s a little push we take and sometimes we don’t know exactly where it’s coming from, but it does exist.

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