JJ Abrams confirms that this unexpected project is in development

Warner is known for carrying out large-scale projects, but also for his flagship licenses such as films from the DC universe or even Harry Potter. After discussing a possible restart of Superman, JJ Abrams used a recent interview with the IGN media to reveal new information about a project to film the gaming portal, first mentioned 8 years ago during a summit. We take stock in this article.

A project that takes time

2013. During the DICE summit, JJ Abrams makes an announcement that will mesmerize many fans: he intends to work with Valve on a film adaptation of the famous gaming portal. Very little information on the subject has been published since then, suggesting that the project has simply been abandoned. Rest assured it isn’t. This one is still relevant at Warner Studios, as JJ Abrams said:

A script for the film portal is currently being written at Warner Bros. We are very excited about the proposal and the pitch. So it looks like the project is finally on the right track.

The film portal was still a long way from arriving in the dark rooms

JJ Abrams went on to say that no scriptwriter had been appointed for the project at this point. However, he clearly mentioned the film’s strong potential:

It has tremendous potential for many reasons. One of them is the game’s limited storytelling, no matter how ingeniously told it has great potential. It’s going to be really cool.

According to the director, there is therefore fertile soil that could be used to lay the foundation for a film of high script quality. So it could be an adaptation closer to the first portal that includes Chell, a character for less silence.

We found the latter there when they tried to escape the premises of Aperture Science with a portal generator. The scenario details were partially brought there through the dialogues of the artificial intelligence GLaDOS. Furthermore, patience remains for this project, which is not ready to see the light of day anytime soon. Fans have to wait a long time!

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