Jeff Bezos’ shocking words about his staff revealed


The former Amazon vice president revealed shocking statements about the multibillionaire in an interview with the New York Times. These revelations didn’t surface until a week after the controversy he sparked by thanking his staff for his space flight.

Employees again at the center of these revelations

Amazon would have done well even without this bad buzz. In an article in the famous New York Times newspaper, David Niekerk, the former vice president of Amazon, revealed shocking comments about Jeff Bezos’ employees.

Jeff Bezos believes that people are naturally lazy.

David Niekerk is the one who developed Amazon’s warehouse management system. It was based on the founder’s wish to prevent workers at all costs from indulging in their “natural laziness”.

Niekerk adds that Bezos believes that workers’ desire to work at the beginning of an employment contract wears off over time and gives way to mediocrity.

He said that our human nature is to give up as little energy as possible to get what we want or need.

worrying working conditions

This is nothing new, as the company has received several awards for the working conditions of its employees. However, the entrepreneur’s former right-hand man also confides that temporary employees have no prospect of advancement and that the company does not guarantee a salary increase after the first three years of service.

Amazon can fire an employee for a single day of low productivity.

The Washington Post, in turn, published an analysis based on a report by the US Labor Protection Agency. This would put the workers’ health to the test. He concluded that employees are twice as likely to be seriously injured as other companies.

To address these questionable working conditions, Bezos said in April that Amazon will invest more than $ 300 million in 2021 to improve its warehouses while improving working conditions.