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Jason Momoa is furious after a reporter asked him about rape scenes

Game of Thrones, a 2010s phenomenon series, ended two years ago. As we continued to analyze the reasons for this gigantic (and oh-so-deserved) success, Jason Momoa had to answer a question that annoyed him deeply. Explanations.

“It’s a disgusting question”

Despite a controversial ending, Game of Trones remains the most noticeable series in the last decade. Few of the series have seen such phenomenal success, and no doubt the adaptations of George RR Martin’s novels will be remembered for a long time (especially since fans are fond of the arrival of the spin-off House of the Dragon, the first pictures of which are very promising ).

Known for its violence and more realistic approach to fantasy, Game of Thrones has never shrunk from showing very explicit sex scenes as well as rape scenes that sometimes shook fans. In addition, the first sex scene between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen is controversial ten years after the first season was released.

In fact, during an interview for the New York Times, actor Jason Momoa, who plays the Dothrakis leader in season one, had to answer a question he wasn’t prepared for: “You look these scenes different today? Would you do it “Now one more? Do you regret doing it?”

Questions that deeply shocked the actor, who will soon be found alongside Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 and in Denis Villeneuve’s film Dune.

I would like to pick up on something that left me weighing in my stomach. I’m sorry you asked me this. It’s just disgusting – I take responsibility for taking something away. As if one day an actor would have a choice. There are producers, writers, directors, and you can’t say, ‘I’m not going to do this because it’s not appropriate, it doesn’t suit the political climate.’ It never happens. So this is a question that seems disgusting to me. I want you to know.

For Jason Momoa, these scenes were very important in order to grasp who Khal Drogo is, how he lives and functions.

It was important to portray Drogo and his style. I played a character of Genghis Khan’s caliber. It was something very, very difficult. But it was my job to play that. It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but that was the character.

However, if the Game of Thrones series has at times been criticized for the free nature of its sex or violence scenes, we should recognize that the scenes specifically cited by the New York Times have their place in history because they allow the development of the Relationship between Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo.

At first, Drogo saw in Daenerys just a woman to mate with (with or without her consent), but she will manage to get the better of him and their relationship will gradually turn into a romantic one. Additionally, the other sex scenes (and nudity) between Khal Drogo and the future mother of the dragons are much cuter.


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