Jared Leto will be the first Joker to break this record


The return of Jared Leto as the Joker made a lot of noise on social media, and for good reason: his final interpretation as the Joker was far from unanimous. If we think about it, we have to give back to Caesar what Caesar is: Jared Leto will be a record holder in the DC Universe.

Jared Leto returns to the Justice League

As we learned on October 21, Jared Leto will be wearing the costume for the Justice League Snyder Cut again. This announcement came as a real surprise as Jared Leto always comes last in all of your favorite Joker’s rankings. Zack Snyder actually called Jared Leto to film some scenes as part of the Justice League re-shoot. A message that completely unsettled the many disappointed suicide squads such as Snyder’s fans. Many of you did not appreciate Jared Leto’s acting in the movie Suicide Squad. As evidence, here are a selection of comments posted under one of our 2019 articles relating to Todd Philips’ Joker movie and Jared Leto’s reaction to it:

If you want to see the reader’s reviews for yourself, you will find that opinions are mixed between those who claim Jared Leto is a bad joker and those who defend him by stating that the movie Suicide Squad is just one Film was very bad film and that Jared Leto didn’t have time to show what he could do. Zach Snyder must have advocated this second option by choosing Jared Leto again and giving him the opportunity to improve his image with all fans of the Joker.

Jared Leto, new record holder

The Joker has been interpreted by five very different actors, even six if we count Mark Hamill, and more recently, of course, by Joaquin Phoenix (the pill was difficult to swallow for Jared Leto, too). However, in the past only one actor has played the Joker more than once, and it was Mark Hamill who played the Joker in Batman vs. the Masked Phantom (1993) voiced the same character in Batman, the series. animated (1992-1995) and one last time for Superman, the angel of the metropolis (1996). However, these were only animated TV shows. Jared Leto will therefore be the first actor to play the character of The Joker in two separate films.

If the actor, who will soon be found in the film Morbius, convinces in the Snyder Cut, one could imagine that this would be enough to convince the studio to fund a director’s cut of the film Suicide Squad.