James Michael Tyler (Gunther) has died and the cast pays tribute to him

Unfortunately, a renowned French voice actor, Bernard Tiphaine, left us last week. Also this week starts with very sad news, because the actor James Michael Tyler, who plays the character of Gunther in the series Friends, has left us again.

James Michael Tyler, a life of happiness and hope

James Michael Tyler, born May 28, 1962, is an actor best known for the role of Gunther, the manager of the Central Perk Coffee Shop he plays on Friends. If James Michael Tyler got the role, it was because he was the only extra who could use a percolator. His platinum blonde coloration is also a coincidence, because the day before the hearing, a friend of his apprentice hairdresser mistook him for a guinea pig.

The actor has also appeared on the Scrubs series to play the role of a psychologist, as well as on the Episodes series.

On June 22, 2021, the actor revealed:

In September 2018, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to my bones. I’ve been fighting this disease for almost three years. It’s stage IV, the most severe stage of cancer. So one day, I know, he’ll probably take me away.

The actor then stated that his illness suddenly worsened during the COVID-19 episode after a failed investigation. With the disease spreading to his bones and spine (causing paralysis in his lower body), James Michael Tyler made it a point to get a message across before it was too late. He had posted a poignant YouTube video urging everyone to enjoy life before it was too late. You can watch this video below:

the death of James Michael Tyler

We have just learned that James Michael Tyler died on Sunday, October 24th, 2021 at the age of 59, according to the American press. According to a relative, Toni Benson, Tyler died of prostate cancer in his home (in Los Angeles). The official FRIENDS page on Twitter first paid tribute to the missing actor:

Warner Bros. TV mourns the loss of James Michael Tyler, a beloved actor and an integral part of our FRIENDS family. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues and fans. pic.twitter.com/9coGnT5BHz

October 24, 2021

Warner Bros. TV mourns the loss of James Michael Tyler, beloved actor and a full member of our FRIENDS family. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, colleagues and fans.

For her part, Jennifer Aniston also paid tribute to her former colleague and friend in a moving Instagram post:

Friends wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you so much for the laughs that got you on the show and all of our lives. We will miss you very much.

Courteney Cox also paid tribute to Instagram, writing, “The joy you showed on the set every day equates to the happiness in knowing you.” Lisa Kudrow, on the other hand, said: “James Michael Tyler, we will miss you. Thank you for being there for all of us. ”

Matt Le Blanc writes about him emotionally: “We had a lot of fun. We will miss you. Rest in peace my friend”. We too wanted to pay tribute to the late actor and express our condolences to his family.

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