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Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, is beaten up in full custody by internet users after his party

Jake Paul, the YouTuber’s brother, won his boxing match against Nate Robinson. To celebrate his victory, Jake decided to throw a little party. If it hadn’t shocked anyone in normal times, it won’t end in full custody. The boxer was heavily criticized on social networks.

In fact, the city of Los Angeles has been limited to trying to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic since November 30th. Public demonstrations, religious ceremonies, and private and public gatherings are therefore quite simply prohibited. However, it appears that some personalities are above these health limitations.

The Logan Brothers and LA Influencers Above the Law?

These personalities, the Logan brothers, are the target of much criticism from internet users after the festive evenings they organized while the region is badly hit by the Covid-19 contamination. In the videos filmed at Jake Paul, we can see influencers from Los Angeles partying without observing the applicable health precautions, namely social distancing and wearing masks.

COVID PARTY ALERT: COVID denier Jake Paul is throwing a big party to celebrate the winning fight against Nate Robinson. Jake’s parents, Logan Paul, Tana Mongeau, and others in attendance. On the same day, California and LA begin a new mandatory lockdown banning all types of gatherings. pic.twitter.com/esrD4TqniE

November 29, 2020

And this behavior outraged Internet users. There is something! There are many who believe that “these people suck” and would appreciate it if they could be jailed and fined.

A commenter on social networks said that “we are in custody for this reason”. And the anger at these “scandalous parties” will not calm down as the city of Los Angeles is preparing to tighten its detention even more.

“Can we put these people in jail and fine them for shitting like that? I’m really tired of these people, especially famous people who think they can do things like that. That’s why we’re in jail.”

As a reminder, this is not the first time Jake Paul has created controversy on the subject. In July of last year, Los Angeles mayor Alicia Weintraub publicly stated that the skinny boxer’s part was “an outrageous gathering.” At the moment, Jake Paul has not commented on this lynching he is targeting. And the best thing for him is to be discreet when we can give him advice.


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