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Jacob Elordi: the pretty boy from “Euphoria” who just wants to be taken seriously

He’s one of the new beloved boys on TV, so it’s not surprising that he’s greedy for the cover of several magazines. What nobody expected was that Jacob Elordi would surprise Elordi with earrings and a short top on the cover of “Man About Town”. After all, he’s the man who plays Nathan Jacobs in “Euphoria”, the homophobic athlete who struggles with his own sexuality.

At the age of 23, it is the exemplary case of yet another talent who emerged in romantic comedies for teenagers and is beginning to grow and become a serious case. It is also another case of an Australian emigrating to prosper in the United States. But this climb has not always been easy.

It has the look of a heartbreaker and, thanks to the latest cover, a sufficient dose of madness, risk, and disrespect to show it off. Nothing he hadn’t done since childhood, disguising himself as a woman or anything else, was a vehicle for creativity.

“My mom has videos of me with curly red hair, red lipstick on my lips, and my sister’s wallet on her shoulder. I can’t remember that I didn’t like it or even resisted it, ”he told W Magazine.

He admits that he was “a dramatic kid” who, if he wanted, made any situation “ten times more intense”. “It required the full attention of my parents, friends, and those around me. I was 12 when I started doing musicals. I joined the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and the ‘Seussical’. From then on I took acting classes so that when I was 15 I had no good alternatives, ”he recalls

In the bedroom he was holding a photo of his hero Ben Affleck next to Matt Damon, both in the movie “Good Will Hunting”. Today, less than ten years later, he plays alongside Affleck in “Deep Water” in a production planned for 2022. Thanks to the role he captured in a Netflix teen romance.

After two short films and a small role in an Australian film – and an additional presence on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Tell No Tales” – he became the protagonist of the romantic comedy “The Kissing Stand”.

He was supposed to be Noah, the handsome guy in school with his leather jacket and noisy motorcycle. On the other hand was Elle, played by Joey King, who would mate with Elordi both on and off the set.

Netflix’s invitation was to open doors the Australian wanted, but he still hesitated. “I’m a purist and I love cinema, so I had a kind of moral struggle. “What do I support and encourage? Will I be one of the faces of this new and scary robot era? Do I help kill what I love? ‘But I also had the mindset that I would do anything to go to the US and do what I dreamed of. “

He accepted the invitation and the decision was more than the right one. The romantic comedy has become an unlikely success even for those in charge of Netflix. Ted Sarandos, the platform’s content director, even spoke publicly about “the incredible popularity” of “The Kissing Booth”. “It was one of the most watched films in the US and around the world [em 2018]. ”

It’s unlikely to come to the US and hit a home run – or hat trick – on your first try. The fan base exploded, especially on social media, and Elordi believed he had arrived in Los Angeles to stay. The following months weren’t quite what he’d imagined.

The invitations that came were almost always for the same role: the handsome high school boy. Without interest, he waited for the right opportunity. Except that Elordi wasn’t exactly swimming for money.

“’The Kissing Booth’ was one of my first films and the money in Los Angeles is running out very quickly. My parents helped me and made sure I had money to eat. I had the help of many friends, I was very lucky, I was never in the background, but as for America, I believed the experience was over. “

Elordi in “The Kissing Booth”

A year ago in California, with no money and no work, he even had no place to sleep. He ended up sleeping in the car and on friends’ sofas. Two weeks before his visa expired, he was preparing to give up the dream and return to his home in Brisbane, Australia.

It was time for one final audition. The goal was ambitious: it was a series from the prestigious “HBO”, a drama written and directed by Sam Levinson. “I knew from the moment I auditioned it was going to be a good thing because Sam’s writing is impressive. I didn’t know if people would like it, but I knew I wanted to be a part of it. “The last stroke of luck came about and Elordi at least managed to postpone the end of the dream.

That year, Elordi’s life was sort of a paradox. When on the one hand he couldn’t find a job and his future as an actor was in jeopardy, on the other hand he was constantly harassed by millions of fans who fell in love with his role in “The Kissing Booth”. . The actor didn’t handle it very well.

As professional as he is, he has properly prepared for the role of the heartbreaker. He threw himself into the gym – he who, like a good Australian, is addicted to surfing and in good shape – and built a physique and an enviable six-pack. “I trained extensively for the first film because the script suggested it. I was so nervous not to be what the script wanted me to be, ”he reveals to“ Men’s Health ”.

The effort has paid off – and the perverse effect of shifting attention from interpretive skills to the ability to flex the biceps. It was all a big disappointment.

“I was very young and was thrown into a world where only my body was talked about. It really sucked. I don’t identify with that at all. I wanted to prove that I could be a good actor, I wanted to be known for that. I had so much work and I hated every second. “

In Calvin Klein’s underwear campaign

In the months after the film premiered, Elordi even struggled to leave the house. “Don’t mind, but I feel like I’ve done my part and I would find it difficult to be happy again in films like this. I’m older, I’m starting to look older, so continuing to go back to high school is exhausting. “

If I did, I would bite my tongue. In 2020 he would return to take part in the sequel to “The Kissing Booth” – and he is part of the cast of the third film in the saga, slated for 2021 – and interestingly, he would be in the role of High School return the “HBO” series, which would finally help him establish himself successfully in the United States.

For Elordi he could make a movie in his ideal world without anyone recognizing him. “We’d be in a bubble where nobody knows who the actor is. They may love the movie, but they would have a hard time recognizing the actor’s face. It would be really cool. ” Unfortunately this is not possible. And taking into account the next chapter in the actor’s story fortunately.

Despite returning to the role of high school athlete, the character wasn’t a black and white cartoon. In the role of Nate Jacobs, he took over the reins of a young man with an unstable, insecure, angry, homophobic, complex personality.

“Euphoria” brought him back to the teenage scene, but in a more serious tone. With Zendaya in the lead role, she told the story of a group of teenage friends who grappled with all the real problems that most shows don’t have.

“I secretly wanted some people to start not liking me. I was very excited about the opportunity to leave everything they thought of me, ”he told GQ.

The actor explains that he traveled to Hollywood to do series like “Euphoria”. Of course, the notoriety led many to focus on topics other than their performance. There were rumors of a relationship with the protagonist Zendaya, which the actor denied. In fact, he’s the friend of another famous name, Kaia Gerber, the equally beautiful and talented daughter of Cindy Crawford – which NiT featured in this article.

Elordi in “Euphoria” as Nate Jacobs

Controversy and rumors aside, the success of “HBO” gave him access to other opportunities that he was looking forward to. “He put me on the radar, showed that I could interpret, and allowed me to sit next to all of these guys I admire. I could have creative and adult conversations with like-minded people. “

He is known to also be preparing for a second season of “Euphoria” in preparation for the return of “The Kissing Booth”. But there is another project along the way that takes him to a new level: He is part of the cast of “Deep Water” where he will be Ana de Armas’ love interest and where he will also act alongside his hero Ben Affleck .

At 23, Elordi is already dreaming of the next stage. The actor who devours Jean-Paul Sartre’s books and describes Mark Ruffallo’s series “I know that so much is true” as “the most perfect thing anyone has ever done” also wants to become a screenwriter. It is also what he did in his spare time that was imposed by imprisonment.

There is currently only one short film in the author’s curriculum, “Max & Iosefa”, which was released in 2016. But he promises more.

“I wouldn’t say I have a relaxed mind. I’m super restless and that’s why I make up things to do. Right now I’m working on an argument, a story set in Australia, and I’m already on the second draft. “


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