Jackpot e-gift cards benefit again from a great bonus

The FNAC reiterates its promotion on its jackpot e-gift cards and it will be necessary to act quickly if you don’t want to miss it!

Jackpot e-gift cards with a super bonus

Once again, the Jackpot E-Gift Cards benefit from a great bonus that allows you to buy whatever you want and even pre-order certain products like the PS5, Xbox Series X or maybe the next iPhone 12!

The Hitek surprise bag!

Spend only € 15 to get a product worth € 20 to € 200: 🎮 Switch Lite, collectible figure, ⌨️ gaming keyboard, 🦉 Harry Potter chessboard and much more … Find out more here More!

The bonus varies between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the card you want to order:

10 euro bonus on the 50 euro card, i.e. H. A total of 60 euros available 20 euros bonus on the 130 euros card, i. H. A total of 150 euros available

Note that you can order up to 4 cards per customer account and IP address.

120 euros for 100 euros in gift cards 300 euros for 260 euros in gift cards

If you take 2 cards for 50 euros and 2 cards for 130 euros, you have a total of 420 euros in your pocket, which you can spend for an amount of 360 euros or 60 euros!

For example, the iPhone SE with the Airpods 2 costs 482 euros, an unbeatable price!


Maximum earnings of 60 euros Available even if you are not a member To pre-order future consoles

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