Jackie Chan announces his departure from Hollywood


The 66-year-old Jackie Chan, one of the greatest icons of international action cinema, took her first steps in Asian cinema and made a name for herself there. A career in Hollywood in which he made many American productions such as the Rush Hour trilogy. However, the actor has become rarer and rarer in Hollywood films over the years …

But where did he go?

Wondering where Jackie Chan was? Have you overshadowed the question of possible retirement as the actor has been discreet over the past few years? In fact, Chan’s last American film in 2017 dates back to The Foreigner alongside Pierce Brosnan. However, he decided to export his talents elsewhere. In fact, one of his latest feature films is a Russian film called The Iron Mask, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger … exactly that!

But what then explains the actor’s withdrawal from American productions? In an interview with Filmelier, Jackie Chan said it was a personal decision.

In all the years since the Karate Kid, I’ve received so many scripts. But the role of a cop from Hong Kong to New York is still the same. So it took me seven years to take on a new role in a Hollywood movie with The Foreigner.

The actor therefore points out the redundancy of the roles offered by American industry. He also wants to renew his filmography and make viewers see him differently.

I want to make sure the audience can see a different Jackie Chan. I want the public to see me as an actor who can act … but not only. I don’t like to repeat myself.

What if Jackie Chan embraced dramatic roles? It would not be reducing to say that humor and beatings shaped Jackie Chan’s career primarily. However, in Kirk Wong’s Crime Story (1993), in which he takes on the characteristics of an inspector in a role filled with darkness, he proves that the drama suits him just as well.