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Ivo Lucas wins the third edition of “A Máscara” – and pays tribute to Sara Carreira

Ivo Lucas wins the third edition of “A Máscara” – and pays tribute to Sara Carreira

The actor was clearly emotional as he revealed his identity. In the final performance he cried and moved the audience.

He was the winner of the program.

Ivo Lucas was the big winner of the third edition of SIC’s “A Máscara”. In recent weeks, the actor and singer has dressed up as a Viking at the pageant galas. The investigators were never able to guess the name of the competitor during the broadcasts. The finale aired on Saturday night, February 19th.

“I loved being able to create this character. As soon as I saw the mask, I fell in love. It was a challenge every day to bring this Viking to life, to be able to fool everyone, to sing with a man’s voice and then a woman’s,” explained Ivo Lucas after removing the mask.

He never considered winning the program but eventually reached the finals and won the competition. “When I came on the first day, I just wanted to go to the first gala. I laughed a lot in the helmet with the guesses that were given. Filomena Cautela, really?”

At the end, João Manzarra thanked the actor for his participation. “You bring with you an emotion and a courage that you must have, an inwardness that you must have to be here.” The presenter was referring to the loss of his girlfriend Sara Carreira in a car accident in 2020.

Visibly touched and with the entire audience on their feet, Ivo Lucas thanked them for their affection. “Thank you all for this incredible experience, I will never forget it. And I hope they won’t forget Viking in the next issues.”

In his last appearance on the show, already revealed, he sang “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. The singer cried at several moments throughout the song as he reminisced about his girlfriend Sara Carreira.

The Cactus mask was also in the final. It was the first to be revealed that evening. In this case, no one managed to meet the person who was hiding. It was Sérgio Rosado from Anjos. Bárbara Guimarães, Tino de Rans, Carolina Patrocínio, Soraia Tavares and Fernando Rocha were other participants in this edition of The Mask.


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