Ivo Lucas remains in the hospital and will soon have an operation


Ivo Lucas remains in the hospital and will soon have an operation

The actor and singer, who was in the car with Sara Carreira, is out of danger, but has an operation.

He entered the hospital with an open fracture in his arm.

Ivo Lucas, the actor who drove the car in the accident that killed Sara Carreira on Saturday 5th December, is staying in the hospital and should have an operation soon. Everything indicates that his life is out of danger, but the Glam agency, which represents him, said in a statement that the state was “sensitive”.

“Our prayers are also with our dear Ivo Lucas, who is in a delicate condition and who will soon be operated on,” says the Instagram page. “For the families of both, we wish you strength and all the love in the world to overcome the insurmountable,” he continues. The actor and the artist’s friend were taken to SantarĂ©m hospital in severe condition with an open arm broken.

The beginning of the agency’s message, shared on Sunday afternoon, December 6th, is dedicated to Tony Carreira’s daughter, who died at the age of 21 after the accident. “Sara. Warm smile, sincere look and sweet voice! This is how we will remember the girl woman with whom we were robbed since she was ten and who, with her openness and determination, touched many hearts in such a short time.”

The accident on Saturday afternoon affected four vehicles and three injured. It happened two kilometers before leaving for Cartaxo. The motorway was completely closed for several hours and only reopened in the early morning hours of December 6th.

Sara Carreira was the only fatal victim. The young woman had just turned 21 in October, and the night before the accident she had been throwing a small party with her closest friends. In October he also launched a clothing collection with stylist Micaela Oliveira.