IVAucher should involve record stores and book publishers

IVAucher should involve record stores and book publishers

The consumption incentive program brings other sectors together. The first phase of this measure ends at the end of August.

The first phase ends at the end of August.

Record stores and book publishers are now included in the IVAucher program. The government’s initiative for tax incentives for consumers already covers several areas of activity, but it will be expanded and retrospectively, not just from the end of August.

All invoices that have been requested for these services since June 1st will automatically be counted towards the consumption incentive program. According to the newspaper “Público”, this measure to expand the areas of activity should become official at the next Council of Ministers on August 26th.

The initiative is divided into two phases. The first, which ends at the end of August and started in June, corresponded to the accumulation of VAT value by consumers in various fields of activity such as restaurants, accommodation and culture.

From October 1st to the end of December, this amount can be withdrawn with discounts on purchases made with the same services. Registration can be done on the website and there is even an application that will allow you to access the discounts that you have.

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