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It’s tasteless, but honestly you had to think about it (50 photos)

It is often said that there is no arguing about taste and color. Well, let’s doubt it… Seeing the bad taste of some whose creations we presented to you a few months ago, we cannot say that humanity is endowed with a great sense of aesthetics. What we do have, however, is genius, as the atrocities highlighted by the subreddit “Awful Taste But Great Execution” clearly demonstrate. Instantly discover 50 new objects with very bad taste but still had to think about them.

1) This floor that looks like pool water

2) This cake in the shape of a ruined house

3) These denim boots

4) This lady’s toilet door

5) this Shrek car

6) These cigarette-shaped white chocolate/poppy seed pretzels

7) this stained glass sunroof

8) this hat made entirely of bread

9) Chanel zucchini

10) This balloon wedding dress

11) This mix of Buddha and Michelin

12) These limousines for every taste

13) this special Christmas beer can

14) These creepy nails

15) This chicken soup ice cream

16) This totally trendy toothbrush holder

17) McDonald’s brass knuckles

18) these paperclip toilets

19) This pattern MADE from spaghetti

20) This tattoo that makes sense in profile

21) This cigarette dispenser

22) This gun-shaped hair dryer

23) These “crocodile” shoes

24) This fashion forward outfit that borders on BDSM

25) These cubes of beans

26) These heels that make you gain inches

27) This cat statue made out of seashells

28) This perfect Halloween makeup

29) This Yule Ball pageant

30) Hand formed candles

31) This tribute to the USSR chair

32) These nails sponsored by KFC

33) this Magikarp cosplay

34) Those command teeth

35) This super fancy car

36) Cube Croissants

37) This fun, frightening ball in the middle of the night

38) Tiny fingernails

39) This tattoo that makes you very muscular

40) These “Cobra” boots

41) This eye ring

42) This design wheel

43) This animal leg wardrobe

44) The ugly shape of this harness

45) This perfect haircut to start the year off right

46) This Cetelem car

47) Camper Motorcycle

48) These computer keyboard flip flops

49) This dog bag

50) This “doll heads” mask

For more truly terrible, but very ingenious creations, see a new article.


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