It’s officially over between James Franco and Seth Rogen


As a reminder, James Franco has been the subject of allegations of inappropriate behavior and sexual abuse since January 2018. Cases that had consequences for Seth Rogen and James Franco’s friendship. With their films Délire Express, The Interview that Kills and The Disaster Artist, these two have managed to establish themselves as an excellent comic duo on the screen. If by now Rogen had made the decision not to turn his back on his lifelong accomplice, it turns out that he has made a radical choice.

Rogen steps back and turns his back on Franco

Indeed, when the affair breaks out and it is found that James Franco is being accused of sexual harassment by several women, his on-screen accomplice and friend in life, Seth Rogen, does not condemn Franco’s actions for which he is accused. At the time, Rogen said he would keep working with the actor anyway. A statement he regrets today, as Seth Rogen announced in an interview with the Sunday Times this weekend that he no longer wants to work with his boyfriend. He also reconsiders what he said at the time:

I mentioned that I would keep working with James and the reality is I haven’t and I have no plans to work with him again yet.

Seth Rogen also returns to the fact that in 2018, when the allegations fell on Franco, he did not condemn these acts:

What I can say is that I despise abuse and harassment and would never cover up or hide the actions of anyone who does or knowingly put someone in such a situation.

And the actor goes even further in this interview as not only does he never work with James Franco again, but he also admits that this affair influenced their friendship as well:

I don’t know at what level I can define our friendship, but it has changed a lot of things in our relationship and our dynamics.

It seems, therefore, that the Franco / Rogen duo is definitely buried … For his part, James Franco, who has always denied these allegations, would still have reached a friendly agreement with two students at his theater school who had accused it.