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It’s not the next Avengers, but there’s a new superhero movie out on Netflix

It’s not the next Avengers, but there’s a new superhero movie out on Netflix

“Squadron Thunder” is a comedy starring Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy.

It’s not the next big chapter in Marvel, not even DC Comics, but it’s a new Netflix superhero movie to enjoy over the weekend. “Thunder Squadron” opens this Friday April 9th.

It is played by Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy and directed by his husband Ben Falcone (who also appears as a small character in the middle of the plot).

In a parallel universe where the United States is tormented by a group of super villains – the Miscreants, who are some kind of sociopathic mutants – Lydia is a kind-hearted girl who protects a super-intelligent classmate Emily in high school from the bullies in the class.

They become best friends until they lose touch in adulthood – which is where the vast majority of the story takes place. Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) becomes a loner and relatively drunk who works for a packaging company.

Emily (Octavia Spencer), on the other hand, becomes a millionaire in technology and science, developing genetic treatments that turn ordinary people into superheroes. Your mission is to defeat the culprits responsible for even killing your parents.

When Lydia gets intoxicated by Emily’s lab and insists he wants to take her to meet former schoolmates, he accidentally connects to the equipment and suddenly gains superpowers.

From then on, Emily believes that it is better to have super powers too so that together they can form a pair of superheroes who can fight the big bad guys. This is how the Thunder Squad comes into being, which is in the title of the film. Lydia has great strength, Emily can be invisible.

Together they fight a villain named Laser (Pom Klementieff), an enemy named King (Bobby Cannavale), and his partner Crab (Jason Bateman), a creature who has crab claws instead of arms.

The film starts out more funnily and over the course of an hour and 45 minutes becomes increasingly charged with action, with the battles between the two factions. While there is also an unlikely romance in between.

In general, international reviews have not given the film much praise, pointing out that it doesn’t add much to a genre that has been so explored in recent years.

The cast of the production also includes names like Melissa Leo, Taylor Mosby, Marcella Lowery, Melissa Ponzio, Nate Hitpas, Kevin Dunn and Henry Bazemore Jr.

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