its new dark passenger can make this season 9 exciting

As the Dexter series’ season 9 release is fast approaching (November 7th on Showtime), today we learn that the serial killer’s famous dark passenger will be completely different from what it was in the old seasons.

A more than expected revival

Die-hard fans of the Dexter series eagerly await the serial killer and medical analyst’s return for more bloodshed. It must be said that many were surprised and disappointed with the finale of a season 8, which was viewed as tangled, swift and incomplete. As a reminder: Dexter sinks on his boat under the yoke of a hurricane in the sea and then sees his father appear for him one last time and separate from the corpse of his dead sister. All of this casts doubt on his true identity in the eyes of his friends and colleagues in the Miami Police Department. Many fans then hoped for a new season as a real conclusion.

Here it is done. Several pieces of information and trailers have been added over the months to bring content to the heart of this Season 9, titled New Blood. We know that it will take place nearly a decade after the events of 8 in snowy New York State, where Dexter appears to have strayed from all harm in order to give in to his murderous impulses.

Harrison, the son of Agent Morgan (Michael C. Hall), has now grown up, as these pictures show, in which actor Jack Alcott takes on the role. We also learned the identity of the next villain, played by Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, clearly out of hand.

Change of symbiotes

But the big information concerns the return of Jennifer Carpenter to put on the costume of Dexter’s sister: Debra Morgan. But even more, that she will be his dark passenger. Here is a real turning point in the series as she will take on the role of her father who appeared in the hero’s psyche during these 8 seasons, reviving his impulses and reminding him of his condition.

A role that little Jennifer Carpenter visibly sticks to. The latter had recently spoken out and said she was delighted with such a choice:

I love the concept of the dark passenger and the invitation in Dexter’s psyche (…) I sometimes get the impression that the black passenger (French term) is almost directly behind the wheel, and that was the opportunity not to be just an angel too be or a devil on his shoulder, but to steer the wheel to the left or right against his will. And manipulate it, control it, handle it, save it. I had the feeling that it was something completely different from some kind of being. “

But more than a dark passenger, Debra Morgan would become even more important in Dexter’s minds, in the sense that, according to Clyde Philips, the showrunner of Dexter’s first four seasons, it would now cause his actions to be constantly questioned: ” It represents a corner of Dexter’s thoughts that we all have on our minds that say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, if you do this, there will be consequences.’ A form of redemption and a final control of one’s own impulses? In any case, it all looks very attractive on the pitch.

Dexter more fragile than ever

A choice that could be explained by Dexter’s feelings of guilt for contributing to his sister’s death and getting rid of her body, and which therefore, through forgiveness, would submit more to the words of that being. It is very likely that it sprouted in his head in almost 10 years while on the run.

Here is a turning point in the series, as the traditional “The Code”, which was passed on from father to son, would henceforth be abandoned in favor of a (more flexible) evolution of the serial killer’s ideologies. A “code” that also reached its limits in season 8, as Dexter was hunted for his actions. As a result of all this, for a supposed turnaround, the modus operandi of the murders would be turned on its head. Just like the usual so determined state of mind of our hero. On paper, Dexter’s new psyche promises to be very exciting. Answer in November therefore.

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