It’s about to debut: João Paulo Rodrigues tells us what his competition on RTP will be like

It’s about to debut: João Paulo Rodrigues tells us what his competition on RTP will be like

“Don’t forget the text!” opens next Saturday, March 13th. Whoever has the best memory for song lyrics wins.

There are songs that you have heard and sung all your life, but if you had to sing them on stage, are you sure you know the lyrics? He is perfectly capable of being surprised even with some of the songs he knows best.

“Don’t forget the text!” is the new RTP competition, which opens next Saturday, March 13th, and comprises a total of 15 programs. The program is also the first time that João Paulo Rodrigues is alone as a presenter.

Speaking to NiT, he anticipated what was to come and also spoke about his relationship with music, which dates back a long time and which he has never lost and which at that point even led him to compose his own songs.

In competition we expect humor, competition and a lot of popular music. “I didn’t know the format when they invited me, but I was totally in love. And I saw straight away that it was going to be a big challenge, ”says João Paulo Rodrigues.

The game mechanics are divided into two phases: In the first phase there is a duel with different categories of songs. The winner plays the six categories of the night with the aim of increasing the height of the money tree up to 5,000 euros. If you hit all of the letters requested in the six categories, a maximum price is at stake, with a song (and its lyrics) that can guarantee $ 10,000.

Unlike other programs that focus on music, the voice and talent for singing are not required here. It’s really nice with the lyrics that count. Even so, João Paulo Rodrigues adds that ears won’t be hurt there at home. “We were fortunate to have competitors who can sing,” he guarantees.

By the way, the focus won’t just be on the letters that you have to guess. The spirit of “don’t forget the lyrics!” is to get people at home to sing songs they know well (or in some cases believe they believe). The moderator also guarantees that there will be plenty of surprises along the way. “So many people forget that they are not on TV and that everything is fun and funny things happen there.”

“I thought I knew a lot of the songs, you listen to the music and you always sang it, but you come there and you get confronted with the lyrics and you realize, ‘It wasn’t like that,'” he says. “You may think you know a song you’ve always heard and you know it by heart and skip it, but there’s a ‘she’ or a ‘no’ that makes all the difference in winning the duel. And we have to be strict. “

The connection to music is old.

The moderator’s career began in humorous and humorous theater. Over the past few years he has shown himself to be a moderator in various formats, but this time he will be alone. It was an additional challenge. “It is the first time that I have presented all by myself. The responsibility is increased, but the team is fantastic.”

On the one hand, he was also free to give his touch of humor, on the other hand, he had the responsibility side. “I have a little more control there. Every now and then things go through my head and I say, but there is a competition, there are rules and people play to win. It’s a competition. Sometimes you change the registry a little and I also like the little bit where we’re in suspension. But maybe I’m more on the record of a serious presenter – to see if the guys are wrong, ”he jokes.

With the Tele Rural couple, João Paulo Rodrigues began to stand out on screen in front of the public. With “A Tua Cara Não Me Estranha” he discovered another facet of his career that opened several doors for him. Interestingly enough, music didn’t even participate in some programs where it excelled. But the relationship you have with it goes back a long way.

“Music has always been a part of my life, I had garage bands, I ran away from home, I took a pair of pants and cut them (it was silly, what to do) and we wanted to play in improvised fields. The desire to sing and do more serious things in music is important to me and I think it will happen in your time. I have always used the opportunities that life offered me. I started out as a comedian, did radio, television and then sang on a show. You invited me to present a program. The music was secondary, but now I’m even working on my own topics. You can do everything at the same time. All of these are things that are part of who I am, ”he sums up.

Based on an American original format, this program has already been produced in more than 20 countries, especially the French version, which has been shown since 2007. The Portuguese version is due to appear next Saturday at 9 p.m.

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