“It’s a Sin”: The new HBO miniseries has the best and worst London of the 80s

“It’s a Sin”: The new HBO miniseries has the best and worst of London in the 80s

Sin, AIDS and the struggle for the right to love. There are strong themes in the series that opens this Saturday, January 23rd.

One is called Russell T. Davies and in 2019 he gave us this Britain on the verge of dictatorship from the perspective of a British family in “Years and Years”. The other is called Olly Alexander and became famous in 2015 with the hit “King” by his band Years & Years. The connections between the series and the band weren’t many beyond name. But the two men would join a new job.

“It’s a Sin” is the latest HBO-inspired miniseries to hit the platform. Russel T. Davies is the creator. Olly Alexander (“Enter the Void – Journey Hallucinating” by Gaspar Noé) shows his other side in his greatest role to date.

“It’s a Sin” consists of five 60-minute episodes and brings us humor and drama into the mix of the 1980s, which we often remember because of the nostalgia for hair and extravagant clothes, but which was marked by a world full of cramps . Especially in a then marginalized community.

At a time when LGBT members were battling for recognition, AIDS was spreading. Sexually transmitted, the disease has been the target of myths for years, is portrayed as a “gay disease” and therefore devalued by those responsible.

The miniseries explores the lives of Ritchie (Alexander), Roscoe (Omari Douglas) and Colin (Colin Morris-Jones) as they start a new life in London at the beginning of the decade. They don’t know each other, they are young and between dreams and adventures they have to prove a challenge, between a society that still looks at them from the side and a virus that is a threat, an insult and a weapon thrown at discrimination.

Jill (Lydia West) will be the link between these guys and the character who stands out in a cast that has its strength in younger actors. All balanced by a number of veterans including Stephen Fry and Neil Patrick Harris.

At a time when representation is increasingly an issue, Russel T. Davies endeavored to find gay actors in the leading roles. In a recent interview with the Radio Times, however, he stated that this was not political correctness. The creator of series like “A Very English Scandal” has even shown straight actors in gay roles in the past. But there was a side of “authenticity” here that I was looking for.

There is something personal about such a decision. While not an autobiographical work, “It’s A Sin” is inspired by elements that the series creator has observed more than life. He was there in the same London, that of fear and discovery, that of courage and simple fun, that of AIDS and the right to love.

Between love and discovery.

“I must have met hundreds of people like her [personagens da série]But between those crazy nights, I was lucky and escaped HIV. He behaved better than some of the characters so I wrote to them to do what they do. By the 1980s he was more bowed and hard working. It wasn’t until the nineties, already in the thirties, that I discovered all the gay waves in town, ”he recalled.

This, therefore, is his homage to those who were not lucky, but also to those who risked too much and survived. Russel was 18 years old in 1981, as was his character, but he admits it took all of this time to come here, get to know each other better, and most importantly, have the necessary maturity and distance.

So if we look from afar and at the same time know that London is not that far, we will see Ritchie and his company amidst laughter and fears that shock more closed minds for the sake of freedom. And love.

The five episodes of “It’s a Sin” will be available this Saturday, January 23rd on HBO Portugal.

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