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Italy is looking for a way out of the crisis – Parliament invites Conte | Free press

Giuseppe Conte’s previous center-left government in Rome has collapsed. What’s next? Much is uncertain. The fear of some politicians in Italy for citizens’ votes in elections is clearly visible.

Rome (dpa) – In Italy, politicians from the main coalition partners advise on possible solutions to the government crisis. The Chamber of Deputies in Rome suspended its session on Thursday due to the unclear situation.

The Ansa news agency reported that President Roberto Fico wanted to ask Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on behalf of all political groups to explain the situation in parliament.

On Wednesday, ex-Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s splinter party Italia Viva withdrew from the center-left government. The coalition no longer has a majority. The Parliament has two chambers, a House of Representatives and a Senate.

The head of the co-ruling Social Democrats (PD), Nicola Zingaretti, convened the party leadership. On Twitter he spoke of an “Italia Viva mistake” that damaged the country. The leadership of the populist five-star movement, to which Conte is close, also wanted to meet. The movement represents the strongest force since the 2018 elections.

After Renzi’s departure from the alliance, the future of the party-less lawyer Conte is uncertain. It has been speculated that the 56-year-old could seek new majorities or step down. However, a return of Italia Viva to the cabinet was not ruled out.

The president of Italy plays an important role in governmental crises. He can arrange for early elections. The incumbent president Sergio Mattarella has already demanded, according to media reports, that conditions should be stable as soon as possible.

The Italia Viva mini-party had withdrawn its two ministers in the dispute over EU billion in aid in the anti-corona fight. Renzi demands that Rome also apply for loans from the European rescue fund ESM. The Five Star Movement rejects that.

In Italy, more than 80,000 people have officially died from the corona virus since February 2020. The economy of the Mediterranean country is stagnating, the state’s debt mountain is rising enormously due to the costs of the pandemic.

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