It is called Colectivo Besta and is the new cultural area in Porto


It is called Colectivo Besta and is the new cultural area in Porto

It arose out of two artists’ difficulty in finding work. It will open its doors on Saturday, July 31st.

It is not new that the artistic panorama in Portugal is a closed world and that it is difficult to make a name for yourself, to be recognized or even to have a job. The pandemic has accentuated this and made it even more difficult to deny art. However, positive things can also arise from these difficulties, as is the case with Colectivo Besta in Porto. This project is an idea by Ana Freitas and Rodrigo Rosas and will be opened to the public this Saturday, July 31st.

The two friends met at the age of 27 and 26 while studying graphic design and multimedia design. Interestingly, they are neighbors too, which helped keep us in touch.

With the pandemic and all the restrictions that came with it, they were left without work and with no prospects of getting around. So they decided to create their own project.

“All of this arose out of the need to showcase our work. There is little support for artists, we were both unemployed and decided to invest in a project, ”explains NiT Ana Freitas.

In the beginning they thought about finding a room to work in, having their own studio. There was also the idea of ​​exhibiting and also helping other lesser-known artists who, like her, are looking for their chance.

We find that in the Colectivo Besta, an art shop where you can buy pieces, a cowork space and artist studios to chat with. Ana is more dedicated to painting and Rodrigo to illustration, but there will be a bit of everything here, from graphics to fine arts, ceramics, screen printing and anything that can be described as art.

The pieces are also varied. You can find postcards, t-shirts, tote bags, but also canvases, paintings, prints, originals and various genres. Like everything else, the values ​​are there for every taste, with pieces from 1, 10 € or even 300 €, depending on the order.

As this is a space designed to bring art and artists closer to the public, feel free to visit, meet the artists and of course take some pieces home with you.

Click on the gallery to learn more about this new space.