It is already known where to see the new series of “Dexter”.


It is already known where to see the new series of “Dexter”.

Here’s a ten-episode mini-series that began recording in February. The premiere is planned for autumn.

“Dexter” is due to return in the fall.

It’s confirmed. When “Dexter” returns for a special ten-episode mini-series, he can watch the new production on HBO Portugal, the streaming platform said. The recording started in February and the premiere is planned for the fall.

Actor Michael C. Hall is back in the lead role, and the narrative promises to begin after the events of the eighth and final season of the original series. The cast also includes names like Clancy Brown, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, and Jack Alcott.

“Dexter” debuted on television in 2006 and was on the air until 2013, at which time the end of the series wasn’t much appreciated by fans. According to a specialized American press, the forensic analyst who specializes in blood will now be living in a small (and rural) fictional town called Iron Lake in New York State, instead of Miami.