Israel reports rocket fire from Lebanon | Free press


Tensions often arise between Israel and Lebanon. According to the army, several missiles have now been fired from Lebanon at Israel.

Tel Aviv (dpa) – According to the Israeli army, six missiles have been fired from Lebanon in the direction of Israel. But they all fell on Lebanese territory, the army said.

In response, the army fired artillery at the attackers. The army did not provide information on which group was responsible for the missile fire. According to Israeli media, residents of the border town of Misgav have been ordered to stay in their homes. Local residents also reported explosions.

Hundreds of Hezbollah supporters and other protesters had previously expressed solidarity with the Palestinians at a protest rally in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The protesters waved Palestinian and Hezbollah flags and shouted, among other things, “Tel Aviv, we’re coming”. At least one Lebanese protester who entered Israeli territory was killed by Israeli tank fire on Friday. In addition, three missiles were fired at Israel from Lebanon last Thursday.

The Shia Hezbollah organization is closely linked to Israel’s nemesis Iran. With her militia she controls, among other things, the south of Lebanon and with it the border with Israel, where tensions continue to arise. The last time there was a war between Hezbollah and Israel was in 2006.

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