Israel attacks targets in the Gaza Strip | Free press


Palestinian militants fired a missile at Israel from the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening. When a second shooting followed Friday, Israel responded with a retaliatory attack.

Tel Aviv / Gaza (dpa) – After another missile strike from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army again attacked several targets on Palestinian territory. The target of the retaliatory attack was an Islamic Hamas training center, as well as an air defense position, a concrete and tunnel production facility, the army said at night.

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip had recently fired a missile into Israeli territory, as they did on Thursday. Warning sirens sounded in the communities of Holit and Sde Avraham on Friday night, according to the Israeli army. According to media reports, the projectile fell in the open and there was no damage. The day before, the Israeli Air Force had attacked several targets in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip after the rocket fire.

Israel tightened a blockade of the Gaza Strip in 2007, which is now backed by Egypt. Both countries justify this by protecting their security interests. About two million people live in very poor conditions in the coastal area, which is strictly isolated from Israel. Hamas has been classified as a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and the EU.

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