IShowSpeed gets called a racial slur during an IRL livestream, goes to talk to child’s mother

A current IShowSpeed stream may have taken a really unlucky flip, however the YouTuber turned it into glorious content material. Whereas conducting an IRL stream, a younger boy got here as much as IShowSpeed and used a racial epithet on him. As a substitute of yelling on the child, he went to speak to the kid’s mom.

He may have ruined the child’s whole night by revealing what the boy stated to Velocity, however the YouTuber’s determination turned out to be a way more entertaining one and hopefully taught them a precious life lesson in not saying such issues to individuals.

IShowSpeed trolls a baby throughout IRL who used a racial slur


(Clip begins at 19:15)

Early into Velocity’s IRL stream, he was taking a photograph with a fan, when a baby out of the shot referred to as him a “Monkey.” Calling an African American a monkey is a very crude racial slur, one which dates again at the least so far as the 1800s.

“What? Monkey? What’d you simply name me, boy?”

The child would repeatedly check with the streamer as “Velocity,” acknowledging that he knew who the streamer was. The younger boy who referred to him by that time period was additionally smiling as he walked with him to attempt to discover his mom.

“The place yo momma at? The place yo mother at? The place yo mother at? Nah, nah nah nah.”

The YouTuber discovered the kid’s mother fairly shortly, and walked as much as her, seemingly able to rat the child out for utilizing the time period he did. Nevertheless, he didn’t inform on the boy, and as a substitute took the excessive highway.

“Hey, this your son? This your son proper right here? So, your son proper right here, he, guess what he referred to as me? One of the best YouTuber on the earth!”

The boy additionally admitted that he did say that:

“It’s true although.”

IShowSpeed thanked the child for being a fan and walked off, stating that he simply spared the child’s life. At first, Velocity didn’t appear certain that he made the appropriate name, however he was proud of how issues turned out. He continued his IRL stream and appeared to assume little of the second.

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IShowSpeed’s trolling catches consideration of Reddit

One Redditor liked this, saying it was the identical factor as claiming to snitch on a fellow scholar, however as a substitute asking to make use of the toilet, or one thing related. Others agreed, pondering it was executed excellently.

Some commenters had been shocked however had been additionally fairly glad that Velocity didn’t rat the child out for doing what he did. Not snitching on him for his indiscretion was appreciated within the LiveStreamFails subReddit.

When it got here to the child himself, some referred to as him silly, whereas others hoped he would in the end develop out of claiming imply issues to be edgy. One reply wasn’t hopeful that it could be the case.

Just a few replies within the thread complimented IShowSpeed’s work, saying his IRL streams are significantly better than his indoor work. Others steered that few individuals do IRL content material fairly like this YouTuber does.

Whereas Velocity left the second behind him and continued his stream, fairly a couple of individuals loved the content material and hoped that the child discovered a precious lesson at this second in time.

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