Is Ukraine crisis reshaping Joe Bidden’s Presidency?

Russia’s growing invasion of Ukraine has ushered in a new and deadly chapter in Joe Biden’s
administration, putting his goals to protect democracy on a global scale to the test and plunging him into a long-term battle to restore European security.

It’s a vastly different path than he anticipated when he took office last year to resist China’s expanding global power and reinvesting at home as the US sought to recover from a devastating virus.

Biden mentioned forming a “solid and predictable” relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, implying that America’s attention might get diverted to other, more critical issues.

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He now finds himself amid the deadliest combat in Europe since World War II. Although American soldiers are not directly involved, the crisis testing American might and Biden’s campaign promise to well-positioned to lead the country on the world scene.

“We stand up to bullies,” Biden declared at the White House on Thursday. “We fight for liberty. We are who we are.” His efforts to deter the invasion, which included threatening penalties and exposing Russian deception, were ineffective. Officials in the United States think Moscow intends to destabilize Ukraine’s democratically elected government and replace it with a puppet administration.

As a result of the bleak possibility, Biden has shifted his focus to more intricate measures to economically punish Russia and show the dangers of an authoritarian regime overthrowing a democratic neighbor.

“This is a war that might last years,” said Timothy Naftali, a New York University historian who has researched the US president and the Soviet Union. “The future of Europe hinges on Russia paying for its war crimes. What nation will be next if Putin gets away with it?”

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Additional penalties were announced Thursday by Biden, which target Russian banks by freezing assets held in Western countries and hampering Moscow’s ability to purchase critical technology like semiconductors.

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