Is Stranger Things 4 the last season?

Stranger Things 3 leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Fans will be happy to know that a fourth season is already in the works. A teaser for the show has also to get posted by Netflix.

The fourth installment of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix on two different dates (surprise!). Netflix confirmed this week that the fourth season gets split into two parts, with Volume 1 premiering on May 27. Volume 2 will be released on July 1st, ensuring that fans do not have to wait for another extended time.

The first trailer for the next season, published in August, teased new sequences from the upcoming season, starring Eleven—with bangs!—and the gang in dangerous situations.

Although Netflix has yet to announce the fifth season of Stranger Things, scriptwriters and executive producers Matt and Ross Duffer have spoken out about the program’s fate. In an August conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the two questioned if Season 4 will be Stranger Things’ finale. “Season four will not be the last,” Ross Duffer responded.

We know what will happen at the end, and we know when it will happen. [The epidemic] has allowed us to plan and determine what is best for the program. We were able to get a better understanding of how long we needed to tell that story once we started filling it out.” For fans, this is fantastic news. So here’s to Season 5!

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In 2017, Levy informed Entertainment Weekly about his plans for the future “The truth is that we’ll get it through four seasons, with the fifth season extremely likely. It gets quite unlikely after that, in my opinion.”

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The Duffer Brothers got rumored to leave Stranger Things “in a showrunner position” after Season 3 in February 2018. But Netflix promptly debunked the idea.

The creator behind Lucas refused to tell Entertainment Weekly if Season 4 of the program was even in the works. But he did say that he wanted more “clutch” moments in future seasons, such as Lucas’ usage of the slingshot in Season 3. He also expressed interest in seeing Lucas’s friendship with Max (Sadie Sink) develop.

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