Is Jim Carrey Quitting The Acting Industry? Here’s the inside news!!

After Bruce Wills, Jim Carrey is the actor who is “kind of serious” about giving up acting. When you see him in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 this year, he’s going to be his last on-screen role.

His acting has made people remember him for years. He told Access Hollywood, “I have done enough.” As long as time goes on, you might not hear another celebrity say this: “I really enjoy my quiet life, painting on canvas, and my spiritual life. I feel like I have enough.” I’ve done enough now. I’m enough.

Jim Carrey: “Whenever I wanted something to happen, I made it happen.”

There is one thing that could keep Jim Carrey from giving up acting, though: a “script that has been written with gold ink.” It’s possible that he’ll work on a movie that tells a good story. Right now, the actor is “taking a break.”

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