Is ICANN Kicking Russia Off The Internet? Find the News Here!!

ICANN turned down a request from the Ukrainian government to take away Russian domain names. Wednesday, the head of ICANN told the government of Ukraine that it wasn’t allowed to do what Russia asked. This could be one of the few times that a company has done something good for Russia, especially at a time when many other companies around the world are taking very strict steps to hurt the Russian economy.

A letter from Apple CEO Tim Cook to Ukraine’s vice-prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, reads: “Our mission does not include taking punitive actions, issuing sanctions, or restricting access to certain parts of the internet, no matter how many threats there are.”

Fedorov asked ICANN to take away Russian domains he also asked a California-based non-profit to shut down Russia’s root DNS servers in the country so that Russia’s internet would be cut off while it invaded Ukraine.

All of these steps will help people find reliable information in other domain zones, which will help stop propaganda and disinformation. Fedorov wrote to ICANN, “All of these measures will help users find reliable information in other domain zones, which will help stop propaganda and disinformation.”

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However, ICANN has said that the goal of the organization is to be impartial and nonpolitical. “We don’t have the power to impose sanctions,” Marby wrote back to the Ukrainian government. As a general rule, ICANN was built to make sure the Internet works, not to stop it from working.

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There aren’t any ICANN rules that say it can shut down Russian domains, which is why the organization can’t do that. In addition, the ICANN president said that the group’s policies are designed to make sure that only one person can run. A change in how an organization works would have a long-term effect on the trust and use of this global system.

Asked all tech companies, including Apple, not to work with Russia in some way. Fedorov hasn’t responded to ICANN’s rejection of the plea, but he has been asking them to do so in some way. he asked Apple to stop Russia from being able to use the App Store and to stop sales in the area.

People in Russia can no longer buy physical Apple products from the company’s online store. Apple also removed Russian apps from the App Store outside Russia, but it didn’t say if this was because of a request from Fedorov.


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