Is Endgame Season 2 Canceled? Here’s the Inside News!!

Here’s the bad news – The Endgame Season 2 is canceled and the announcement is official now. The NBC heist drama, which starred Morena Baccarin as the head of a criminal gang, was canceled after one season. Nick Wootton, Jake Coburn, Justin Lin, and Julie Plec made the show. The company is Universal TV.

The Endgame is a high-stakes thriller written by Chuck and Scorpion executive producer Wootton and Quantico executive producer Coburn. It’s about Elena Federova (Baccarin), an international arms dealer and brilliant criminal mastermind who was just caught and is still planning bank robberies while in jail, and Val Turner (Ryan Michelle Bathe), a principled, relentless, and socially outcast FBI agent who will do anything to stop her grand plan.

It comes after NBC canceled the comedies Mr. Mayor and Kenan this morning and decided not to pick up the comedy pilot Hungry. On the drama side, the network renewed Law & Order and Law & Order: Organized Crime this week and picked up the Quantum Leap pilot to series. Let’s find more about The Endgame Season 2 here.

Why Did NBC Cancel The Show?

According to Deadline, the show was canceled after one season, but the report doesn’t say why. On the other hand, it turns out that the series hasn’t done badly in terms of ratings or total viewers, but it hasn’t broken any records either.

If we look at the Tvline reports, we can see that the show had 3.6 million total weekly viewers and a 0.4 demo rating as of May 1. This is a bigger audience than Ordinary Joe, which was on at the same time, but with a lower demo score. It ranks No. 13 in the demo and No. 12 in the audience among the 14 dramas that NBC has shown this TV season.

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So, the network hasn’t officially said why the show was canceled, but fans think that the show’s creators or other departments may have had different goals, which could have led to the show’s short run and cancellation. At the moment, this is just a guess that the network might clear up in the future.

A Quick Recap of The Endgame Season 1

In the first season of The Endgame, we met Elena Federova, a criminal mastermind who was hard to find and kept to herself. While Elena, the ringleader, was being taken into FBI custody, her group of spies, who went by the code name Snow White, took over seven banks in New York. Elena’s desire for revenge and payback turns New York and the whole country on its head.

Elena teased FBI director Rogelio Real and dedicated agent Val Turner from her cell in Fort Totten, which is an FBI black site. She exposed several high-ranking government officials and members of the press with the help of her daughter, Snow White. Her friends and family were killed by everyone she killed.

Owen Turner, the ex-husband of Agent Val Turner and a convicted terrorist, has been taking care of Elena’s husband. Val starts to realize how much Owen is involved as she tries to figure out what Elena’s final plans are. Val and her partner, Agent Anthony Flowers, are slowly figuring out why Elena does what she does, but Elena is almost always one step ahead of them.

Because of what happened to Val’s husband and how the FBI took him down, Agent Patrick Doak is sure that she will be just as corrupt as he was. So, when Elena tricks Doak, he promises to bring Val to justice no matter who gets in his way.

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In episodes 9 and 10, when Elena’s last victim is finally revealed, Snow White pulls off the ultimate heist. In episode 5, when the gunmen set off a smoke bomb, it set off the sprinklers in the federal reserve. While everyone else’s gold was melting, it was found that President Natalia Belok had stolen the real gold for herself.

Lady Belok, Elena’s worst enemy, is to blame for the bombing that happened at her wedding and killed Elena’s whole family. She was able to help President Wright’s campaign for office because the federal government gave her help. Sergey and Owens wanted to get the gold pins they stole from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of the country without being caught.

In the end, Elena and Sergey were almost able to get away with everything. They were almost able to get away with their daughter and the gold, but Natalia Belok saved them. She took Sofiya away from Elena and set off a bomb in a car to kill Sergey. Val and Owen couldn’t get back together until she found out Owen had been working for the CIA.

The episode also showed how much Natalia Belok hates Elena. In the first scene of The Endgame, Elena is telling a story about two girls and their fathers. The man she kills in the story is Natalia’s father. Since then, Elena and her family have been hurt by the Beloks.

Lastly, Elena gave Val hints about where she had stolen or found other Russian dolls that had Lady Belok’s collection collateral in them. When Val isn’t helping Elena, those dolls could bring down powerful people and keep her busy. Elena calls Val for help after her daughter is taken and her husband is killed.

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Where to Stream The Endgame?

Now, you can watch The Endgame on Peacock, fuboTV, and Hulu Plus. On Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu, you can rent or buy The Endgame. Depending on where you live and what you want to watch, there are different subscription levels. In addition, the season can be watched for free on NBC.


That’s all about the Endgame Season 2. On May 12, 2022, NBC said that Season 2 of The Endgame would not be coming back after Season 1. So, the series has no chance of being renewed by the network, since many shows have been canceled by multiple channels and streaming platforms this year.

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