Is Ambrane FitShot Zest a right pick for Fitness Freaks?

The Ambrane FitShot Zest is one of the most recent additions to the sub-Rs 3000 affordable smartwatch market. The watch, which costs Rs 2,499, looks and functions similarly to other competitors in this market. So, should you go for the Fitshot Zest instead of the others?

This sports watch has a metallic dial to stand out among the many plastic watches in this price range. On the side, there’s a crown that’s more than just a circular button; it’s a spinning crown. Aside from that, the watch’s straps are still replaceable TPU straps that, unlike inferior bands, feel a lot better on the skin after long hours of use. The well-built body also receives an IP67 certification, indicating weatherproof.

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The software, both on the watch and in the companion app, is one of my favorite aspects of the device. That is the area where budget watches fall short, but that isn’t the case here.

The Ambrane FitShot Zest has a smooth, straightforward, easy-to-use user interface. On the inside, it doesn’t feel like an Apple Watch knockoff. Menus, icons, and the entire interface have their look and feel, and navigating through it all is a joy with no lag.

The rotatable crown is likewise well-designed in this user interface, and it may get used in a variety of ways. When the fast settings panel is dragged down, for example, you can adjust the brightness by twisting the crown. It can also get used to scrolling through the app drawer.

The watch’s Bluetooth calling functioned as expected, and the mic reception was adequate. Regularly, the device had a battery life of roughly 7-8 days. That number can get reduced to 3-4 days with constant heart rate monitoring and Bluetooth calls, which is still not awful.

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