Iron Man’s most powerful armor is not what you think of


We had previously told you about Iron Man’s 15 most powerful armors, including a unique armor that we absolutely had to detail today, a mythical armor that made us dream more of Once. Tony Stark is a brilliant inventor indeed, and here we pay homage to one of his most impressive inventions.

Armor created by Tony Stark

We know that in the past (and in the comics in particular) Tony Stark has come up with a number of combinations specifically designed to stop a hero or villain with formidable skills. We remember, for example, the Huklbuster armor used to stop a fully unleashed Hulk, as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Stark also created other models, such as the Phoenix Killer (to stop the Phoenix Force when it arrived on Earth, during the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover).

Iron Man also created a suit to stop Thor, and she was incredibly powerful. To understand how the latter was made, you need to check out Iron Man # 64 comics by Mike Grell, Robin Riggs, Dave Kemp, Richard Starkings, and Jimmy Betancourt. A group of people who worship Thor in Slokovia are threatened by the ruling dictatorship. To protect this group of people, Thor then arrives in Slokovia. Tony Stark is against coming and declares that when Thor comes to lend a hand to the people, it gives an excellent reason for the power to start a massacre. However, Thor does not give in and initially forces Stark to flee. From there the idea arose to create armor in Tony Stark’s head that would be more powerful than any other in order to defeat Thor.

Thor’s most powerful armor

Doctor Doom (who has his own political motives in this story) offers to help Stark, stating that if he wants to stop Thor and fight him, he’ll need armor powered by a reactor with the energy . He is excited about Thor. Stark then thinks of using an Asgardian crystal that Thor had given him in the past. This gift should normally be investigated by Tony Stark, but he will use it to power a whole new set of armor called “Thorbuster”.

This armor is a very important risk, but it pays off. When Stark arrived in Slokovia, the Thorbuster suit actually had an instant impact. Tony Stark even manages to hit the god of thunder with … one clap of thunder. Thor responds by throwing Mjolnir towards Iron Man, but with the enchantment of Odin (combined with the Thobuster armor), Odin remains in the air. Thor is furious when he realizes that Iron Man has used a gift from the gods to create a weapon that can be used to destroy him. The fight then rages and Iron Man exchanges divine blows for Thor. The epic as well as apocalyptic duel ends with the victory of Thor, who even manages to destroy the Thorbuster suit.

The result of the battle is not a tribute to the incredible power emanating from Thorbuster, and yet this is armor that many Marvel characters could have defeated. If Tony Stark had had more time to test and hadn’t rushed to assemble and wear his armor, he might even have defeated Thor. Thorbuster didn’t last long in Marvel history, but she is at the forefront of Iron Man’s most powerful armor just because of her incredible magical abilities. Now that you know what is arguably the most powerful Iron Man armor in the comics, you might want to find out what his strongest armor in the MCU is, and this is exactly where it happens.